May 2020

Photographer ALICIA WAITE


Photographer Alicia Waite takes us on a journey with her travel series

  1. The Lost Coast, North California. Our honeymoon was a 1500 miles Californian road trip and this picture is from one of our favourite finds, The Lost Coast which is about 6 hours north of San Francisco. It reminds me of that trip; the fresh sea breeze, the open road and the magic of being newly married.
  2. Zakynthos This picture is everything a mediterranean holiday should be: white sands, crystal blue sea, family, friends, wine at lunch and a siesta before dipping into the sea at sun down.
  3. Lisbon I love tinkering around in markets when i'm away and found some great ones in Lisbon when i was pregnant last Spring. Our home is full of weird and wonderful finds from all corners of the globe which makes me feel cosy and nostalgic.
  4. Jamaica I took this photo just after i'd done a massive cliff jump. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, until I watched these much younger boys dive off these (much higher) platforms without batting an eyelid as the sun went down. It reminds me of balmy Caribbean evenings, the sound of the sea, and drinking rum punch at sunset.
  5. Abersoch, Wales Last summer at my husband's family home in Wales, we'd had typically grim British weather -lashing winds and howling gales all weekend - and then the sun came out for our last walk along the dunes. I ran back to the house, leaving the family behind, grabbed my camera and took two rolls of film in twenty minutes. They're some of my absolute favourite pictures - bright and colourful and totally British.
  6. Eleuthera, The Bahamas I dream about these cool blues whilst i'm in my second bath of the day at home. I just cannot wait to get back to the sea.