Ragna Bley

October 2015


An eternal field of bright green screen saver grass with a ring of darkness hoovering around, looking from above the circlet like a see-through swimming ring / galactic darkness shines ahead from beyond the grass, but the field is still there / white walking men with no mouths / summer is here.

Looking at the other, an iceberg with a hole through it, penguins crawling out like black bugs, furry cuddly teddy bears, clear water falling down / up again inside out / it has nothing to do with you or me it is just there and we are running and swimming, running slow in water without sinking, typing ’how to swim without sinking’ suggests ’how to swim funny ugly cat cat cake’ / i love you i love you i love you like a gif repeating over and over again / i can’t stop we are still running together and alone / the penguins have become whales, together they form a massive dark-blue shape, an under water castle and when we dive the ice is covering us like a gigantic duvet and i know, i learned from a fire man that you should always swim towards the dark, the dark is the hole the white is the ice / and everything gets warmer like soft bumblebee meadows humming humming and that is the whale singing moving the castle re-shaping making it into a submarine an airplane, of hard massive steel / i sink you swim / the steel is so sharp it cuts your hand and the blood drops are yellow sickly yellow floating beautifully like ink-bubbles when dropped in an aquarium / there you take my hand which is not my hand anymore i’m an alga, i’m tar, i’m kelp, the brown long ones that give oxygen to the seas, the rainforest of the sea and you know that so you fill your mouth with the wet slimy flakey alga stuff it in and suck it, hard so hard that gags reflex and you start coming /// music is over.


Ragna Bley (b. 1986 Uppsala, Sweden) lives and works in London and Oslo.


All photos on the courtesy of 1857, Oslo and Ragna Bley

  1. Supporter in Shade / One-size veil / It took a week to remember what I already know (2015) Acrylic on canvas. 250 x160 and 180 cm. 
  2. Supporter in shade (2015) Acrylic on canvas. 250 x160 cm. 
  3. One-size veil (2015) Acrylic on canvas. 250 x160 cm. 
  4. It took a week to remember what I already know (2015) Acrylic on canvas. 250 x180 cm. 
  5. Installation view: Conflicting Evidence, 1857, Oslo (2015)
  6. Neyeyeyeah (2015) Papier-mâché, oil paint, acrylic paint. 100 x 60 x 80 cm. 
  7. A chair in the sky (2015) Papier-mâché, sand, oil paint, acrylic paint. 100 x 60 x 80 cm. 
  8. Installation view: Degree show 2015, Royal College of Art, London
  9. Baby the Rain Must Fall (2015) Jesmonite, enamel paint. 2,3 x 2,3 x 3 cm and 1,9 x 1,9 x 2,9 cm. Placed 127 cm from the floor and 20 cm width apart.
  10. Recorded on a stele of pink granite (2015) Papier-mâché, sand, acrylic paint. 100 x 55 x 80 cm. 
  11. The numbers in turn led back to us (2015) Acrylic on canvas. 250 x160 cm. 
  12. The Musketeers (2015) Acrylic on canvas. 250 x160 cm.