The Borderland

June 2015



In April 2014, we – London based photographer Jo Metson Scott and journalist Sarah Saey – travelled up to the English border with Scotland and drove the full length of the border – from the Solway Firth in the West to Berwick Upon Tweed in the east.

We embarked upon this trip at a time when the future of the United Kingdom was being called into question – a few months before the Scottish referendum on Independence.

Our aim was to encounter the English side of the border – the side that wasn’t voting- during this pivotal time.  We were curious about the tensions that may be present on the border; where national affinity is often felt most strongly, but also where lives are intertwined with, and co-dependent on, the neighbours on the other side.

With photographs and words, The Borderland gives snap shots of the English side of the border – with Scotland still part of the United Kingdom.