Bogna Luiza Wisniewska

February 2017



To find yourself stuck, obsessed… simply infatuated by plain structure, pattern lured by its texture, shape, colour. Something banal but strong enough to get you caught in it for some time. You pursue this infatuation, follow it, let yourself work with it.

The need to get out of system, this “material-infatuation” creates series of paintings, that contains subtracted image, samples of certain references.

Importance of the image, value of it and its form, intrigued with endless possibility of the image. Some works have site-specific quality: white surface, with hovering painted elements sampled from the surrounding in a limbo of painting. Surface of the paintings treated more as a space to create installation of references in a way creating inside-painting installation.


Bogna Luiza Wisniewska (born in Poland 1988) lives and works in Helsinki.

  1. Cohesion might, detail, 2016
  2. Cohesion might, 250 x 180 cm, Levitate, 180 x 250 cm, 2016
  3. Cohesion might, detail, 2016
  4. 9h marble, detail, 2015
  5. Polupodywave, 42 x 29 cm, 2015
  6. Marbles, 150 x 102 cm, 2015
  7. Asfalttimatto, 150 x 102 cm, 2015
  8. Camouflage flowers, 42 x 29 cm, 2015
  9. Polupodyrope, 42 x 29 cm, 2015