Emma Bäcklund

February 2017


‘The perfect chair’ does not need to be adjusted for individual users, making it the perfect chair to support flexible work patterns in situations where several different people can be sat on the same chair throughout the course of a working week.

‘The perfect chair’ delivers progress in motion.


Domestic shapes associate with functionality and constructed interior rooms. In paradox, it questions the interior space and function of the image.

Spatiality and banality exist both as physical and psychological spaces. With influence from 50-60s advertising, the images places the objects to be seen rather than used. The deception of these rooms relate to display and applied desire. The concept of a frame suggest limitation and instructions within a set of rules; how to move, how to act, how to use. I am interested in gesture within this frame and the possibilities of freedom through sets of rules.

The diptych suggests a doubleness which plays with repetition that can be found again within the image. Product archetypes signify sameness. Repeated sameness can produce difference through time. This twosomeness is often present within the work, for instance; the hinge can both open and close and is a word that denote both to furniture and the most moveable bone in the human body.

The use of grey tonal ranges indicate the graphite pencil drawing and how drawing can be used as means of research and investigation to what is before ones vision. Fragments of colour hint toward collective memory touching upon advertising and visual culture. In this case it implies IKEAs blue and yellows.

The chair interest me in particular as an object. It is an object that links to labour. Labour where the body is rested. It is a symbol of passive activity and micro movements in the body which are invisible for the eye.


Emma Ingeborg Bäcklund (born in Gothenburg, Sweden) lives and works in London.

Image courtesy of the artist

  1. Untitled, 2017
  2. Finger trap, 2016
  3. Hinged, 2017
  4. Fig 1, Fig 2, 2016
  5. Invisible Arrows, 2017
  6. Untitled, 2017
  7. The Perfect Chair, 2017
  8. Stacked I, 2017
  9. Stacked II, 2017
  10. Lift, 2016