July 2016



“History is what hurts. It is what refuses desire.” Fredric Jameson

The reclamation of the female gaze is consciously driven in my work through an active and passive experience of the creator, the subject and the viewer. The male subject performs masculinity with gestures, which have been projected unto him from the past; through my researches in art history, pop culture, and found imagery. My artist practice interjects during the moment of observing the male figure in action. Through composing the re-staging of gestures, observing groups, and role-play under my active female gaze I produce photographic, performance and video artworks. I am interested in the generation of eroticism and where its representation is shown, found and understood — examining the subject of the young white male by using him as a vehicle.

There are elements of homage to advertising and in recognising tropes of power and privilege of the male, my work aims to unfold and deconstruct.
Consider such representations of symbolic and heroic male figures possessing associations of freedom, spontaneity and vulnerability in the short-lived life of youth. My work revolves around addressing this and deconstructing the inherent associations revolving around his figure.


Francesca Tamse (b. 1989 California, USA) lives and works in London, UK.


Image courtesy of the artist

  1. Empirical Son VI (2016)
  2. Billboard performance (2016)
  3. Empirical Son I, Terrance looks deep (2016)
  4. Jacob outtake (2015)
  5. Billboard Image (2016)
  6. Typical English Terrain (2015)
  7. Young Men on the English Terrain; Adam’s painting (2015)
  8. Empirical Son series (Gabe)
  9. Joe (Billboard Performance)
  10. Young Men on the English Terrain series (2015)
  11. Young Men on the English Terrain series, Miles (2015)
  12. Making Waves (2016)