May 2016


The atmospheric images of landscapes and people lay somewhere between the real and imaginary and there is always deeper layers and multiple storylines to be discovered. The timeless feeling combined to the surroundings that stay anonymous emphasize the narrative. Yet, the stories are only subtle suggestions as the focus is on the feeling; there is always this tiny hint of melancholy underneath.

Twisted Tales is a lifelong Road Trip taking through landscape, time and emotions. Rather than places, this journey goes to the inner world filled with memories, dreams, fears and hopes. Feelings betrayed in the portraits, in the gestures and even landscapes are familiar to everyone. A wistful melancholy follows throughout the series but there is also a great deal of hope to be discovered.

Images in this series are like pieces of a giant puzzle, fragments of narratives from along the way guiding the viewer to discover and interpret their own stories and personal meanings.  This puzzle called life will never really be complete, some tiny piece will always be little out of place, a little bit twisted.

Twisted Tales – Road to Hope exhibition has been shown in Lahti Art Museum (2014-2015), Literaturhaus Leipzig (2014), Copenhagen Photo Festival (2015), Organ Vida Photo Festival in Croatia (2015) and Galerie Albrecht in Berlin (2016). The Twisted Tales – Road to Hope book was released worldwide in October 2015 by Hatje Cantz.


Markus Henttonen (born 1976 in Lahti, Finland) lives and works in Berlin.


Image courtesy of the artist and Galerie Albrecht, Berlin.

  1. Sunset (2012)
  2. Deers (2013)
  3. Surface (Elisabeth) (2004/2014)
  4. Winter (2013)
  5. Ariana & Eric (2013)
  6. Full Moon (2015)
  7. Snow Flake (2015)
  8. That Christmas Eve (2012)
  9. Swimming Mattress (2011)
  10. Wave (2014)
  11. Memories (2013)
  12. I will not be broken (2010)