my style story

February 2015

It's not what you're wearing but why you're wearing it. A series of interviews with interesting people with interesting styles.

Nadia Lamin, 23

I’m quite gregarious and sprightly. I love to laugh. I adapt to situations easily, and adapt my style to the way I feel on the day.

Style started to become important to me during drama school. Now, even the decision of what my character is going to wear is a big deal. As you grow older you become more self-assured and know what you like and don’t like. Because my job is to analyse and understand why people do what they do, and then try to adopt that myself, I find what people choose to wear and why very interesting.

I like knowing that I’m not going to walk down the street and see someone else wearing what I’m wearing. I’m not desperate to run and get what’s ‘in’, even though I like to know that and think it’s fun. You should know who you are and then you’ll find your style. Style is putting your own twist on it and yourself into it. It’s good for the soul to know you’re wearing something you really like.

I mainly get my clothes from charity shops. Whenever I’m in my little village or anywhere new I always have to check the charity shops. When I go in, I never know what I’m going to get. That’s part of my personality: I’m impulsive and up for anything. My career is very much on-the-move, I might audition any minute and have to drop everything, or I might get a project and go somewhere for a few weeks

But I’m also very picky, and I don’t always come out of a shop with something. It’s as if I’ve got a tick box in my head, thinking: I don’t have a yellow dress or a yellow shirt. That’s really nice. I’ll take that.

The classic looks and actresses inspire me. I love the 1940s and tea dresses, and the elegance of Audrey Hepburn and her polo necks. My mum’s opinion is very important. She has a really good sense of style and taste. My grandmother is also a role model to me. I wore one of her cocktail dresses that she used to wear back in the day, to my graduation.

It’s not just women that influence me. I love men, the Jacks-the-lads of my industry. I also love a little bit of the rock ’n’ roll style of, say, James Dean or Mick Jagger.